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  • Classification of plastic four button

            According to the style, generally divided into four buckle: buckle, plastic buckle, white fish four buckle, plastic buckle, four belt buckle four drill etc..

            Snap buckle four points, generally divided into: four smooth buckle, flower four buckle, belt buckle buckle drill four, fish etc..

            According to the material points, four buckle is generally divided into four: metal buckle, buckle four resin (also known as the four plastic buckle, plastic buckle, four).

            However, if there is no special description, only called four fold, generally refers to the metal in the four button.

  • Who is the inventor of the button?

            Button can be seen everywhere in our daily life, especially in the clothing industry, from the beginning of use, so far has been more than six thousand years of history. Thus, the button has a very long history, then, ultimately, who is the inventor of the button? If you don't know?

            More than four thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Persians in Iran, have learned to adapt to the stone button. China's Zhou Dai has adopted a T-shirt xiachang system. Both men and women wore a T-shirt xiachang two cut clothes. In charge of the official dress at the ceremony, Wenwubaiguan do, must wear a dress. At that time, the use of clothing more standardized, clothing system is quite complete. The Zhou Dynasty reflected the Zhou Dynasty etiquette "Zhou", "book of Rites" and other books appeared in the "button", "button" is the intercross button knot, is buckled.

            According to China's current collection of the Western Zhou Dynasty in China Tongzi intaglio buttons and archaeological finds in the spring and Autumn period, the adaptation on the button. Yunnan Jingning Shizhaishan unearthed relics of the Warring States period, has been used to blue, apple green, light gray Turquoise made buttons, each with one or two holes. Some engraved patterns, modeling chic, colorful, with a wonderful wax gloss. Now the collection of buttons in the collection, there are still small stones, shellfish, animal horns and walnuts, coconut shell made of simple buttons. This shows that our Chinese nation in the Zhou Dynasty, the spring and Autumn period some people use buttons. Japanese ancient cultural relics unearthed in the middle age, the body made of plant image display wheel show pattern, male clothing is clothing and clothing groups, narrow sleeves, chest buttons by button connection, visible in the classical period, the Japanese have used buttons.

            In the sixteen period, China put the buttons to Europe, when only men use, women use very little, most people just for clothing. Some high officials and noble lords in order to show their rich, with precious stones, silver and gold, pearls, diamonds, antelope horn, ivory and other precious materials, refined using buttons. France has a king Louis Xiv, with 13 thousand precious button inlaid into a record of a robe. China's existing collections, the use of gold and silver, pearls, precious stones, diamonds, antelope horn, ivory and other precious materials produced precious buttons.

            Button has gone through a different period, and its varieties also showed a variety of technical aspects have improved, since ancient times, the application of the button has gradually been widely used in all walks of life.

  • Why do you have three buttons?

            Speaking of a suit may be a lot of people through, but the suit is not all about the same, the difference is from the suit buttons to say there are many, so according to suit behavior, although the Western clothing, but now in the country have their own dress suits. Such as why only a button buckle why, three button suit cuff nails is not a word.

            The jacket cuffs are 2 to 3 small nail buttons for decoration, the narrow and short sleeve is a suit of harmony, relax. Its origin is very interesting, the legend of the history of France Napoleon 02 powerful people to pay attention to the life. He had a reputation for a reckless general Lu Pekin, who Tarawa, but not the whole discipline. He often went to the cuff wiping nose, after drinking their own convenience, and bare pastime. Therefore Napoleon repeatedly admonished, but is not effective, expelled from the military, he is just rare. Napoleon later made the Quartermaster general clothing cuff a decorative copper nail tip with law, not only a strong army, left Rupekin with the cuff wiping habits can be corrected. After several corrections, the tip of copper nail into decorative buckle, but in the inconvenience before gradually moved to the cuffs, cuffs on the back. These are to Calendar has now formed a number of norms to wear a suit, including buttons

  • Clothing accessories procurement: how to identify the quality of the button is good or bad?

            As a garment industry practitioners, especially clothing accessories buyer, knowledge of garment accessories products is necessary. How to identify the quality of the button is good or bad? What kind of button is a good button?

            Button quality we generally judge in such a way, color fastness to rubbing; uniform shape; button button release of the smooth surface, smooth and smooth cavity...... This button is a good quality button. Of course, different materials (such as resin buttons and button shell buttons, buttons and so on) discriminate the quality of different standards, such as the metal button, a lot of people will say, "look at the gold content".

  • What are the classifications of resin buttons?

            As we all know, the buttons are a variety of materials, one of which is the resin button, then, the resin can be divided into several categories?

            1, by resin synthesis, by this method can be divided into polymer resins and polycondensation product. Polymer is added by the addition polymerization reaction of the polymer molecules, the chain structure of the chemical formula and the formula of the same monomer, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, Teflon and other condensation is. The reaction of the polymer molecules by condensation polymerization, the structural unit of the chemical formula and the formula of different monomers, such as phenolic resin, polyester resin, polyamide resin.

            2, according to the composition of resin molecular chain classification

            The resin can be divided into carbon chain polymer, chain polymer and organic polymer

            Carbon chain polymer is a polymer which is composed of carbon atoms, such as polyethylene and polystyrene

            Miscellaneous chain polymers is the main chain composed of carbon and oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur atoms of two or more elements of the polymer, such as POM, polyamide, polysulfone, polyether. Elements of the organic polymer is not necessarily the main chain containing carbon atoms, mainly composed of silicon, oxygen, aluminum, titanium, boron, sulfur, phosphorus atoms of elements, such as silicone.

            The above is about the classification of resin material, I believe you have a new understanding of the resin button

  • How to convert button size?

            Teach you how to convert button size:

            1L=0.625MM 1MM=1/25 inch INCH) means the unit: L, number (LIGNES)
            12L=7.5 MM =5/16 "13L=8.0 =5/16" 14L=9.0 MM MM =11/32"
            15L=9.5 MM =3/8 "16L=10.0 =13/32" 17L=10.5 MM MM =7/16"
            18L=11.5 MM =15/32 "20L=12.5 =1/2" 22L=14.0 MM MM =9/16
            24L=15.0 MM =5/8 "26L=16.0 =21/32" 28L=18.0 MM MM =23/32"
            30L=19.0 MM =3/4 "32L=20.0 =13/16" 34L=21.0 MM MM =27/32"
            36L=23.0 MM =7/8 "40L=25.0 =1" 44L=28.0 MM MM =1-3/32"
            45L=30.0 MM =1-3/16 "MM =1-5/16 60L=38.0 MM 54L=34.0 =1-1/2"
            64L=40.0 MM =1-9/16"

  • Button machine note

            The following is a button in the daily life of the common precautions:

            1, all the speed of the cylinder connection has been debugged before the factory, in order to avoid excessive speed caused by cylinder damage, the user should be carefully adjusted. Adjusting method: adjust the screw of the throttle valve of the air inlet or outlet of the cylinder until the user is satisfied.

            2, the machine if there is a plug or stuffy car phenomenon caused by the machine can not move the power should be timely, so as not to cause serious damage.

            3, the equipment has the characteristics of mechanical and electrical integration, if there is a single or continuous action, is the cylinder's magnetic switch contact bad or damaged.

            4, the upper and lower mold distance adjustment method: loosen the main cylinder spindle fixed nut, rotating screw, adjust the screw, the distance, and then lock nut. Repeat several times until the user is satisfied. Can not be adjusted, so as to avoid the damage caused by stuffy car equipment.

            5, vibration screen speed adjustment: adjust the distribution box on both sides of the adjustment knob. Vibration speed depends on the user's work efficiency, avoid excessive vibration speed caused by vibration disk displacement.

  • How to solve the problem of automatic button machine?

            First, the machine punching, riveting single action or continuous non-stop action

            Microswitch failure, check or replace microswitch.

            Two, the machine spindle opening and closing block can not be free to open and close, there is no riveting phenomenon

            1, check whether or not the opening and closing block screw bending deformation, timely replacement;
            2, adjust the spindle bolt, so that the lifting of the spindle can not be free to slip (about 2kg);
            3, check whether the main axis of the lack of lubricating oil scratch phenomenon, repair scratch surface.

            Three, the main motor to start, the machine does not have any action

            Worm gear clutch lever is not in place. Open the back cover, release the solenoid pull block locking screws, pull immovable in electromagnetic, clockwise rotating electromagnetic pull rod (slight rotation), and then head screw.

            Four, the mat is not in place

            1, open the table, check whether the gasket is damaged, timely replacement;
            2, push rod block before and after the position change of rotating machine: manual inspection, punching, punching rod can be aligned piercing die, not on time, release the push block position adjustment locking screw block (32), push the block before and after the position adjustment, of which is.
            3, check the brake block (30) of the brake rubber brake function: adjust the brake rubber before and after the position, so that the normal brake.